Pin It Fancy

Release Date:  1805/2005
Perfumer:  Jean-Christophe Hérault
Description:  François Rancé dedicated this perfume to the woman Napoleon loved most. The intensity of Spring flowers, the joyful, sensuous, exotic notes, and the penetrating and lavish combination of fruits and wood create a fresh harmonious flowery fragrance conducive to sensuousness in an atmosphere rich in elegance. François represented Joséphine herself in this perfume: joyful, brilliant, sensuous and charming. The bottle and box are the living expression of that atmosphere, forever in our hearts and our dreams.

Notes:  Bergamot, hawthorn (aubepine), hyacinth, jasmine, lilac, peony, rose (May rose), ylang-ylang, iris, geranium, clove, galbanum, violet leaves, blackcurrant buds, ebony, sandalwood, ambergris, musk (white), vanilla