Les Nuits d'Hadrien


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Release Date:  2003
Perfumer: Camille Goutal & Isabelle Doyan
Description:  More than 20 years after Eau d'Hadrien, composed by Annick Goutal after reading the novel "Memories of Hadrien" from Marguerite Yourcenar, her daughter Camille and Isabelle Doyen offer us a new interpretation of that book, by creating Les Nuits d'Hadrien. A chapter unfolds. Night follows day...  An enchanting Italian interlude bathed in darkness, inspired by a night time stroll under a starry Mediterranean sky, at sunset's magical hours, where nature, set ablaze as dusk falls, finally quiets down. A delicious scent of orange and spices, bringing warmth to your skin, and pleasing to share.

Notes: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin (green), tangerine, tangerine (red), ylang-ylang, cumin, cypress, artemisia, basil, juniper berry, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musk (white), vanilla