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Release Date:  2001
Perfumer:  Christopher Sheldrake
Description:  Chergui is centered around the intoxicating aroma of hay absolute—an odor so complex and interesting that it could be considered a fragrance in its own right—and had he simply wanted a bestseller, Lutens might have stopped there. Instead he chose to press onward and augment the beautiful aroma of freshly mown hay with the smoky-sweet character of immortelle, the seemingly contradictory earthy-powdery aroma of iris, the rich and pungent odor of pipe tobacco, and the timeless elegance of Russian leather.  The result is a fragrance that, in addition to smelling absolutely divine, is also a proper work of art.

Notes:  Clary sage, immortelle, rose, hay, juniper berry, orris, Russian leather, sandalwood, amber, cistus labdanum, tobacco, incense, honey