Fou d'Absinthe


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Release Date:  2006
Perfumer:  Olivia Giacobetti
Description:  Absinthe, the infamous Green Fairy, bringer of madness, desire and wanton dreams. Composed with steely calm and controlled imagination by Olivia Giacobetti, Fou D’Absinthe is a masterpiece of cutting-edge fragrance design. From the ice-cold grip of the absinthe and angelica top notes, through warming spices down to the heady intoxication of forest balsams, pine needles and patchouli, the essence of walks in the Pyrenean forests. Fou d’Absinthe smells like madness and taboo busting dreams. The key to its uniqueness is the constant contrast of hot versus cold that plays out across the skin. The harmonies blaze and chill, crackle and burn. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this most extraordinary of fragrances.

Notes:  Absinthe, angelica flower, blackcurrant buds(cassis), clove, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, patchouli, pepper, pine needles, cistus labdanum, fir balsam