1873 Colette


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Release Date:  2007
Perfumer:  Sylvie Jourdet
Description:  Inside her family garden in Bourgogne, young Sidonie Gabrielle Colette experienced her first steps as a writer, surrounded by roses and field flowers. Having chosen her third name as a pen name, she was to become an admired literary woman, famous for both her literary and sensual freedom. Reflecting this happy sensual woman, 1873 is a gourmand and refined eau de parfum. Unsettling white flowers blossom in a light bubble, sparkling with tangerine and lemon. It brings the mind the flavor of a lemon tart with meringue, and evokes the hesperidins’ side of the south of France.

Notes:  Bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, flowers, lavender, muguet, orange blossom, violet, white musk, vanilla, caramel