Aimez Moi


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Release Date:  2000
Perfumer:  Dominique Ropion
Description:  Aimez-moi means love me in French, a theme frequently used by Caron. Aimez-Moi also refers to another Caron fragrance, launched in 1916: "Do not love anyone but me" or N'aimez que moi. This fragrance was launched during WWI to perfume letters sent to lovers at the battlefront. Aimez-moi blends floral and woody notes to convey warmth, radiance and fulfillment in one's individual achievements. Its name, simple yet daring, defies coy, seductive games and asserts itself in its direct challenge.

Notes:  Bergamot, violet leaves, anise, iris, jasmine, magnolia, heliotrope, vanilla, peach, woody notes, amber, musk