Un Matin d'Orage


Pin It Fancy

Release Date:  2009
Perfumer: Isabelle Doyan & Camille Goutal
Description:  Twenty years after Gardénia Passion, created by Annick Goutal back from a trip to Japan, her daughter, Camille, composes, after a stay in this country, Un Matin d'Orage. Perfume born of her desire to give us a personal interpretation of the smell of the gardenia which fascinates her so much... That of a Japanese garden after the rain : a fresh and dewy scent, when the sun's rays are piercing the balmy mist that rises from the rain-drenched earth.Time is suspended. Fine droplets shimmer on buds and white flowers. A gentle breeze carries the scent of gardenia, veiling the garden in a delicate sensuality.

Notes: Lemon, ginger, shiso leaves, gardenia, jasmine (Indonesian), jasmine (Sambac), magnolia, champaca,  mineral accord