Pin It Fancy

Release Date:  2005
Perfumer: Isabelle Doyan Camille Goutal
Description:  Fascinated by the mysterious and spellbinding mandragore, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen wanted to capture the powers of this plant to the multiple legends to create a unique fragrance, where the feminine and the masculine merge in a secret harmony. Mandragore... Its very name is reminiscent of ancient times, when men kept secret their knowledge of the power of plants. A mysterious name for a perfume at the uncommon elegance, presented in a purple bottle to reflect the color of the plant. A scent which likes the skin, for both a man and a woman.

Notes: Bergamot, pepper (black), star anise, spearmint, ginger, pepper (rose/pink), boxwood, mandrake, sage, iris, woody notes, cistus labdanum