Ninfeo Mio


Pin It Fancy

Release Date:  2010
Perfumer: Isabelle Doyan Camille Goutal
Description:  At the time, Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen were working on a formula inspired by the legendary garden of the Hesperides. Each absolute, each essence chosen added another brush stroke to their burgeoning masterpiece, to the garden they fantasized about and spoke of as is they knew every single square inch. Then, they learned of the existence of a garden mirroring their description in every way, and immediately departed for the gardens of Ninfa, near Rome. They found a safeguard Eden, in which medieval ruins crowned in emerald green and all of the plants that had fired the imagination of the two perfumers can still be found. Through the garden flows the Ninfeo river in which is reflected the forest bark, the leaves of branches, ripe citrus fruit and luscious figs. In the shade of a pine tree, without warning, they were overwhelmed by a shared emotion : their perfume was right there, in the air, intense around them, the perfume they had been perfecting for months. And its name came to them quite naturally : Ninfeo mio.

Notes: Bergamot, citrus accord, orange (bitter), green notes, lavender, cistus labdanum, fig, verbena, cedarwood, lemonwood