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On Inlé Lake, in the heart of Myanmar, life is lived on the water. The view is unobstructed, sounds ricochet between the water and the sky, and come nightfall, the taste of silence is a rare, almost unknown delicacy. This is an eau de parfum that prolongs the dream of drifting on fragrant waters, floating gardens and orchards, laden with plants and vegetation, treasure troves of scents and flavours. Osmanthus absolute. The first light of day and the first sounds of a celebration, a farewell to night or a welcome to dawn. Oil of mint. A shimmering lake, a russet sky. Maté absolute. Drifting clouds, radiant lights.made of notes of Jasmine, Mate and Osmanthus.

Notes: Top notes are Bergamot, Mint and Artemisia; middle notes are Osmanthus, Mate, Jasmine and Spices; base notes are Iris, Musk and Cedar.

Release Date: 2007

Perfumer: Alienor Massenet