Bijou Romantique


Pin It Fancy

Release Date: 2012
Perfumer: Mathilde Bijaoui
Description: This is the portrait of a lady. She can be seen in the feminine cameo, in the soft, delicate profile, in the dreamy image of an incandescent beauty. What once was shell has been carved in relief by a devoted artisan, to emerge as an idealized woman. Jewels, too—an emerald, a sapphire, a diamond—what once was a stone is given time and affection by a gem cutter and becomes a brilliant object of beauty. In the raw state, as a stone, as a shell, only the extraordinary eye can see the inherent treasure. With time, affection and devotion the facets begin to appear and a gem emerges. She is a jewel and she dazzles. Like the proverbial woman of virtue, her price is far above rubies or pearls. Her value is eternal—timeless. Like a precious gem, she transcends ephemeral fashion. Like every rare stone, she is classic yet original. She is unique, with her own special color—her own exclusive brilliance. But beyond the glitter—beneath the shimmer and sparkle—there is a secret fire within the gem. Here can be found the richness of spirit, the tender heart. She must have a perfume that reveals herself as a romantic jewel, a fragrance that evokes her worth—her many facets. She requires a scent with notes that come together in unexpected ways, where the fresh bergamot joins the delicate floral ylang-ylang. Where a sweet tropical coconut can meet the bright earthiness of clary sage. Finally, a rich patchouli merges with a creamy benzoin and she is unforgettable. Like Theophile Gautier’s dew-drop pearl—his diamond of sapphire blue—her scent becomes a token to those who love her, a reminder that she must be adored and cherished.

Fragrance Family: Woody Oriental • Classical
Notes: Bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, orris, ylang-ylang, sage, coconut, vetiver, benzoin, vanilla