African Leather


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In the original birthplace of African Leather, where the singing of languages and cultures rises, one hears a voice of oud and vetiver. A murmur of bergamot and geranium. Infinite landscapes. Deserts, meadows, patchouli, lakes, oceans, saffron, bush, moss, grapefruit, cedar, savannas, mangroves, cardamom, musk and cumin. Between dry and rainy seasons, a discernible path. We witness a dance, a ballet of dresses and manes, paws and scales, leather, leather, leather. Felines, giraffes, crocodiles, antelopes, elephants, begin an alert choreography. A new song resounds, the chorus of a continent.

Notes: Oil of bergamot, Oil of cardamom, Oil of saffron, Oil of cumin, Geranium absolute, Oil of patchouli, Oud accord, Leather accord, Essence of vetiver, and Musk.

Release Date: 2015

Perfumer: Alienor Massenet