Odeur 71


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Odeur 71 is Comme des Garçon's second anti-perfume. Odeur 71 components are truly nuclear: the smell of dust on red-hot bulb, the smell of hot metal, the smell of freshly toasted bread, ink, electric batteries, and other inorganic smells of the Earth. Inorganic odors of the Earth's chaos live in this perfume together with some rare natural organic components: incense, bay leaf, bamboo, and white pepper. Launched in 2000, is it a vision of an alien future from the dawn of the millennium.

Notes: 71 notes accords, metals, hyacinth, white pepper, bamboo wood, moss, wet green leaves, bay leaves, dusty notes, incense, lettuce

Release Date:  2000

Perfumer:  Anne-Sophie Chapuis and Martine Pallix