Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate (Incense Sticks)


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Ouarzazate is a tribute to Russia's Christian Orthodoxy

Comme des Garçons took the perfume world by storm in 2002 when the line released not one, not two, but five excellent incense fragrances as a part of their Incense series. Each of the fragrances in the collection represented the rich and fragrant history of a different incense-burning culture: French, Moroccan, Russian, Japanese, and Indian. It was inevitable that these fragrances should eventually be released as good, old-fashioned, light 'em if you got 'em incense sticks. Now, here they are in all their glory: 40 incense sticks in Ouarzazate. A 5000-year-old tradition delivered right to your front door.

Notes:  Notes: Moroccan incense accord, nutmeg, Kashmir wood note, cistus labdanum, musk, clary sage, pepper, incense, vanilla 

Release Date:  2002

Perfumer:  Mark Buxton