Lavande Romaine


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Lavande Romaine: To the Romans, lavender was the flower that gently perfumed their washing water. Roman armies spread the plant throughout Europe, but it is in Rome that lavender pairs so closely with the landscape to become its dominant feature, one which once seen is never forgotten - like a dazzling pair of blue-violet eyes. Bewitched by the harshness of rugged nature, legendary perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has interpreted it in his own way. Lavande Romaine is an extraordinary page in his history of scent, where blue butterflies flitter at dusk on gentle hints of Blackcurrant, Blue Cedar and White musk.

Notes: Top note is Lavender; middle notes are Cassis (Blackcurrant) and Bleu Cedar; base notes are Musks.

Release Date: 2020

Perfumer: Jean Claude Ellena