Nuit de Noël


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Release Date:  1922
Perfumer:  Ernest Daltroff
Description:  Nuit de Noël, or "Christmas Eve", was launched during the holidays of 1922, since Félicie loved this period of the year as a child. Despite their breakup Félicie and Ernest kept working together with business still growing. Many of Caron fragrances share a wonderfully dark undercurrent, based on a blend of geranium, licorice, leather, iodine, and vanillin. This accord gained the name of "Mousse de Saxe", revealing its mossy, dark and cool edge. With Nuit de Noël, Ernest Daltroff daringly incorporated this dark accord both in the heart and the base of the fragrance, which made the finished composition very unusual.
Notes:  Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, tuberose, sandalwood, Mousse de Saxe, amber, musk