Paperwork Solution No. 1


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Solution No. 1 is an interpretation of the smell of sand in all its transparent and airy facets. Sands are a perfect allegory for the Off-White brand. They are also symbol of cultures and coasts around the world as they travel around the planet thanks to the wind and the seas. A fragrance with Ho Wood and Bergamot top notes that turns into a sand accord at the core with a woody signature of vetiver and patchouli.

Launched in 2022 by the late, great Virgil Abloh’s brand Off-White, which blurs the line between luxury fashion and streetwear, the four Paperwork fragrances “employ playful technology and non-conformist ethos to empower personal expression, pushing everyone to expand its potential beyond traditional beauty." Reportedly, Abloh himself worked on the fragrances before his death in November 2021.

Notes: Top notes are Ho Wood and Bergamot; middle note is Sand; base notes are Seaweed, Vetiver, Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Release Date: 2022

Perfumer: Alexis Dadier