Papyrus Moleculaire


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The little-known raw material of papyrus powder lies at the heart of Papyrus Moleculaire. The spicy, original notes of this raw material are coupled with and heightened by a lively piquant duo of elemi and pepper. An aromatic raw material with green facets, elemi is accentuated by a touch of coriander, which adds a truly original head note. The papyrus heart of the perfume reveals a woody note of iris, while a soft amyris facet is enlivened by powdery carrot seed. The base sees tonka bean extend the rounded woods, as its hay facet combines with tobacco leaves. Meanwhile, frankincense boosts the pepper and powdery notes. From the heart through to the base, each raw material completes this unique and complex accord.

Notes: Papyrus, carrot seed, coriander, amyris, tonka bean, cigarillo tobacco, iris, frankincense and elemi.

Release Date: 2020

Perfumer: Leslie Girard