Rose de Taif


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The delicate Rose de Taif by the Ottomans came originally from Persia, or perhaps even further east, from India. Its essence captures all the Arab peoples have ever understood about love, beauty and how to pay them homage for many centuries.
Only in Taif did Perris Monte Carlo find an essential oil of such exceptional concentration and purity, thanks to a unique combination of climate, terrain and expert growers.

The bouquet of Rose de Taif celebrates the eternal value of the rose, blending it with notes of geranium that never overwhelm. A reminder that love demands respect above all.

Notes: Top note is Top notes are Geranium, Lemon and Nutmeg; middle note is Taif Rose; base notes are Damask Rose and Musk.

Release Date: 2013

Perfumer: Luca Maffei