Sweet William


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Perfumer:   Rodrigo Flores-Roux
Description: During times of gallantry lovelorn bachelors sat to have their portrait painted with a red carnation, a Sweet William, symbolizing their search for true love. Exotic spicy notes of cardamom and white pepper mix together like poetry with rose water, ylang-ylang and iris notes, composing a long-lasting richness.
Fragrance Family:  The essence of nobility, a scent that will charm and infatuate the soul.
TOP NOTES:  White pepper, Cardamom, Laotian cinnamon bark, Galangal MID NOTES: Dianthus superbus scentrek, Ylang-Ylang from Comores, Rose water extract, Tobacco flower BASE NOTES: Ambrarome, Styrax, Florentine Iris, Vanilla absolute