The Afternoon of a Faun


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Release Date: 2012
Perfumer: Ralf Schwieger
Description: To be a Mx is to access the ecstatic, orgiastic cult of the ancient Goddess Cybele whose followers were known as the Galli, the sacred whores of the temple. These gender-variant spiritual revolutionaries used glamour and the power of their forbidden sexuality to honor the "Mother of the Mountain", the "Lady of the Trees". There is a thread that has travelled across the centuries to connect the Galli - through the arts of dance, drumming, singing and eroticism - with such legendary provocateurs as George Sand, Claude Cahun and Vaslav Nijinski, who scandalized the world with his flagrant sexual appetite in Mallarme's "The Afternoon of a Faun". The radical fairies and gender outlaws inhabiting our modern world are contemporary tranifestations of the "divine androgyne". When we make love in the afternoon, on the ground, in the woods, surrounded by flowers we, too, honor the ancestors who have set us free.To be a Mx is to be sexy, earthy, transgressive, and not just a little dangerous. Mx is for those who have achieved the golden mean - to be both a man and a woman - to be a Mx is to be Everything.

Fragrance Family: Dry Woods • Fresh • Green
Notes: Bergamot, black pepper, immortelle, jasmine, rose, cinnamon, incense, orris, myrrh, leather, oakmoss, benzoin