True Lust (Rayon Violette de Ses Yeux)


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Release Date:  2015
Perfumer: Unavailable
Description: When the Putain des Palaces enters into a Dangerous Complicity, a relationship is born. It is a marriage of mystery, an uneasy merger of hearts and minds and flesh. Etat Libre d'Orange has taken the best of two exquisite formulations, combining the explicitly seductive powers of rose, violet, and powder with the implicit perils of rum and patchouli. What emerges from this satanic union of temptation and danger, jeopardy and passion, is a sweet and shocking folly. She sips her rum through rose-red lips and wonders what beast she must adore tonight, what hearts she must break. She is Rimbaud’s Beauty, and the man who takes her in his arms may find her bitter, but desire conquers fear. She dazzles him with the violet rays of her eyes that hold the memory of her vices, and he cannot escape. Because lust is in the eyes of the beholder.

Fragrance Family: Dry Woods • Classical
Notes: Rum (MANE Jungle Essence™), ginger (MANE Jungle Essence™), rose absolute, violet, coconut (MANE Jungle Essence™), osmanthus absolute, muguet, jasmine, ylang-ylang, tangerine, rice powder, amber, leather, animal notes, sandalwood