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Yoyogi is a scent both serene and energetic, a perfect combination of soothing green notes resting on the negative space of the smoky, spicy cityscape beyond. Aromatic cypress lends a distinctly contemplative Japanese character, while the unmistakable crispness of freshly cut grass immediately puts us in jogging shoes on a dewey morning, the sun still low in the sky, the park nearly deserted and silent. As sweet, herbaceous chamomile and bitter, resinous wormwood emerge in the latter stages, we begin to experience the park- and Tokyo- at midday, an escape from the traffic and hustle but still fundamentally at the centre of the city- the kind of modern touch CDG is beloved for. Serene and natural, modern and exciting, all at one- that's the undeniably striking effect of a single spray of Yoyogi.

Notes: Cypress, English grass, Wormwood, Roman Chamomile, Oakmoss extract, Thuja essence, Patchouli coeur, Incense resinoid & Incense essence, Vetiver.

Release Date:  2019